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Nose correction / Rhinoplasty

The nose is positioned centrally on the face. So it is logical that the shape of the nose for the most is an extension of your face. A small correction of the nose can strongly change your look and make you look more attractive.
The correction of the nose can overcome different problems. The profile of a nose ‘trumpet shapeden’ can be rectified or subtily turned in. The same for a flat nose which can become more pointed. A nose that is too prominent can be reduced and a nose that has a lopsided orientationed can be straightened.

The surgeon makes a decision about this operation with the agreement of the patient concernedpatiente. He works towards respectin a harmony between the face and the body. We try to avoid the of somebody that has been operated on.

What happens?

The plastic surgeon bases himself on photos taken at the time of the first consultation with a view to best satisfying your request. The surgeon will pick up on eventual problems inside the nasal cavities, thanks to a in depth examination.

The plastic surgeon will restore a lovely curve to at nose that is ‘trumpet shape’ by using a grater or an appropriate instrument. A nose correction is done exclusively through the internal cavities. The skin of the nose automatically adapts automatically to the new shape of its frame.
During the operation the plastic surgeon can pallier any eventual problems of respiration. For example, he can put right nostrils that do not allow the air to pass or shorten the la coquille of the nose.


There is no scar since the operation is done internally. The internal sutures are self absorbant. There are no scars since the operation is done internally.


Most of the time a local anesthetic is sufficient. We administer to more nervous patients medication aimed at calming them in the short term. This anesthetic is measured out in different gradations until the patient is asleep. It is not necessary to envisage a nights stay in hospital.


The surgeon carries out the operations in conditions of optimal security, surrounded by a professional team.

Even though the nose correction is generally carried out under local anaesthetic, you are constantly watched under monitoring by the anesthetist (automatic and repetitive measure of the blood pressure, constant measuring of the oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram). One of more highly qualified nurses will equally supervise. This surrounding will guarantee that you have faultless safety.

The local anaesthetic allows not only an operation without pain but also a minimal risk of bloodloss and the appearance of bruises.

If you are taking coagulant drugs, please inform your plastic surgeon of this first (for ex., acétylsalic acid, aspirin, asaflow, cardioaspirine, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan e.a.).

After the operation you are able to contact your plastic surgeon at all times on his personal moble number, if you have the slightest question.


Your nose and your eyes can be a little bit swollen and bruised following the operation. This can last about ten days. Thanks to the prolonged effect of the local anaesthetic, you will feel very little pain after the operation. Eventual pain subsequent to surgery can be reduced thanks to classic pain killers like paracetemol and ibuprofen.
At the time of the operation the plastic surgeon will put cotton swabs in your nose. This can impede your breathing. They will be taken out one week after the operation and you will regain your regular breathing. You can also regain your professional activity.

Eventual risks and complications

For patients in good health, there are practically no risks linked to this operation.

Your plastic surgeon scrupulously watches that the aesthetic changes are not too drastic.  It’s a question of being able to recognise yourself in the mirror.

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