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Eyebrow lift

Droopy eyelids tend to sadden a persons face and their expression. Often there is an excess of skin on the upper eyelid, which creates a heavy and tired appearance.

It is sufficient to discretely readjust the exterior part of the eyebrow to achieve a younger and wider regard.

How is it done?

A small incision is made in the hairline, just above the forehead. A small passage is channelled down towards the eyebrow, which allows the lifting to take place.


As the scar, which is approximately 4 cm in length is made in the hairline, it is completely invisible.


A local anaesthetic is sufficient, but can eventually be combined with some sedation.


One or two hours following surgery you will be able to return to your hotel. There is no dressing on your scars.
The local anaesthetic will continue to take effect for up to several hours following your procedure. As the local anaesthetic wears off, you will feel some pain (for approx 24hours); you’ll be able to control this post-operative pain with an analgesic, such as ibuprofen combined with paracetamol.
The day after there will be a lot of swelling around the eyes, due to gravity. This swelling may last for up to 3 days.
You may return to 3-4 days after your procedure.

The plastic surgeon proceeds with these operations in conditions of optimal security, surrounded by a professional team.

Even though the facelift is generally done under local anaesthetic with sedation, you are constantly monitored by the anaesthetist (automatic and repetitive measure of the blood pressure, constant measuring of the oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram) one or two highly qualified nurses will equally supervise. This environment will guarantee that you have faultless safety.

The local anaesthetic allows not only an operation without pain but also a minimal risk of blood loss and the appearance of bruises.

Your operation is carried out exclusively in a sterile environment. This is why we ask you to wash your hair thoroughly before your operation so as to reduce the risk of bacteria. During the operation, you will receive a mild antibiotic.

If you are taking anti-coagulant drugs, please inform your plastic surgeon of this first (for ex. acetylsalicylic acid, aspirine, asaflow, cardioaspirine, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan and others).

After the operation, you are able to contact your plastic surgeon at all times on his personal mobile number, if you have the slightest question.

Possible complications

Infection is avoided, thanks to excellent sterile techniques. Patients are requested to wash their hair pre-operatively to eliminate as much bacteria as possible.

During the operation the surgeon pays particular attention to make sure that the eyebrows are even and are as symmetrical as possible. The plastic surgeon avoids over-correction, as this can leave you with the “cat’s eyes” effect.  A good eyebrow lift is one that is discrete, does not change your facial expression completely and one where you recognise yourself for the better after the operation.

This sort of surgery is completely reversible, and the result can be rescinded at any time, should the patient desire.

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