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Treatments / Male chest reduction (gynaecomasty)

Male chest reduction / Gynecomastia

The cause for an abnormal formation of the male chest is not clearly identified. This phenomenon  can appear as of the age of 10 years. We sometimes find that the  formation of the chest can be a secondary effect of medication. Sometimes, it can equally stem from a excess of weight.

The male chest manifests itself in several shapes. Sometimes it is to do with a simple excess of hardened skin, situated behind the nipple, which can prove to be painful. In addition it can also develop an arch as with women, leaving the appearance of breasts, visible underneath T-shirts. These phenomena can have a major psychological impact. In this case, doing sport, swimming, going to the sauna can quite simply become a nightmare…up until the point that you decide not to do these types of activities anymore.

What happpens?

The surgery consists of removing excess fat or gland. An ultrasound will accurately show at which level the excess is situated. The excess of fat is sucked out by means of vibroliposculpture. This very fast vibrating liposculpture also shatters the glandular tissue, so that this also can be sucked away. If nevertheless excess gland tissue should remain, this is removed via an incision in the nipple.


More than three quarters of patients obtain a perfect result by means of vibroliposculpture of the breast. Because the glandular tissue and fat is aspirated through a 4 mm cannula via the armpit there is no scar.

In a minority of cases the abundant gland tissue has to be removed via the nipple. The wound is stitched subcutaneously and glued, which leaves a practically invisible scar. Any remaining excess skin is not cut away because this skin will eventually retract.


The local anesthetic most of the time is sufficient. In any case, a classical narcosis is not necessary. Following the operation, you will be in good form. You will not feel any undesired side effects that you do with a classical narcosis. In most cases it is not necessary to stay overnight in the hospital.
The local anaesthetic allows not only an operation without pain but also a minimal risk of blood loss and of the appearance of bruises.

Care and safety

The plastic surgeon proceeds with the operations in conditions of optimal security, surrounded by a professional team.

Even though the male chest reduction is generally carried out under local anaesthetic, you are constantly monitored by the anaesthetist (automatic and repetitive measure of the blood pressure, constant measuring of the oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram). One or two highly qualified nurses will equally supervise. This environment will guarantee that you have faultless safety.

Your operation is carried out exclusively in a sterile environment. In some cases we administer antibiotics. By working this way we can guarantee the upper most safety for you as patient.

If you are taking anti-coagulant drugs, please inform your plastic surgeon of this first (for ex., acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, asaflow, cardioaspirine, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan e.a.).

After the operation you are able to contact your plastic surgeon at all times on his personal mobile number, if you have the slightest question.


You are able to leave the clinic after one hour of rest. The pain is almost non-existent. You will receive classical pain killers, ibuprofen and paracetamol, to help deal with any eventual pain. After 1 or 2 days you may return to work.

In most cases a drain is not necessary. You will wear an elasticated bandage day and night around the thorax for four weeks. This band allows the excess skin to adhere again nicely to the underlying muscles. Swelling may last for up to 2 to 3 weeks following surgery.

Eventual risks

If you are in good health, you have nothing to worry about as there is no risk linked to this operation. The area around the nipple can temporarily lose sensitivity. Infections are rare. The thorax band helps to prevent any build up of fluid and blood.

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