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Cosmetic surgery can help you overcome cutaneous lesions, whether they are benign or malignant and this, thanks to cryotherapy, laser therapy or plastic surgery of the skin called dermatosurgery.

What happens?

The surgeon freezes or eliminates by laser the small benign lesions (up to about 5 mm). For larger lesions or malignant lesions, the surgeon will remove the lesions by using the latest surgical techniques.

Once the lesion has been removed it meticulously analysed in a laboratory and this already during your operation. If we detect cancerous tumours the surgeon will have to cut deeper, until he eliminates the root of the tumour. Lots of skin tumours have in fact ramifications that are invisible to the naked (baso’s, spino’s, epitheliomata). The modern technique MOHS’ guarantees the radical elimination of skin cancer.


The scarring depends on a few factors. Cfr ‘scar correction’. Certain areas of the body, like the face, recover completely without any trace of a scar.


The operation is carried out under local anaesthetic, possibly followed by a mild sedation, at the request of the patient.

Care and safety

If you are taking coagulant drugs, please inform your doctor of this first (for ex., acetylsalicylic acid, asaflow, cardioaspirine, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan e.a.).

The locale anaesthetic allows not only an operation without pain but also a minimal risk of blood loss and the appearance of bruises.


In principle you can regain normal activities the same day (work, for ex.).

Risks and eventual precautions

There is no risk linked to this surgery. The medical team rigorously observe sterilisation conditions.


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