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Scar correction

Scars are often a result of accidents or surgical operations. In aesthetic surgery, more often than not we tend to render the scars the least visible possible.

The way in which a scar evolves depends on different factors: the positioning of the scar, the length, its orientation, the type of suture, the type of skin. Scars on the face generally heal well. On the contrary as scar between the shoulders or at chest level will stay visible.

In any case, a scar needs time to heal. The first four months, a scar can change colour, become red, purple and harden. This is temporary. Next, we notice during one year or a little more a process of ‘maturation’. This is why, a scar correction is never carried out in the first year following the operation. Of course, each patient has his/her modality and rhythm of recovery. People with red hair or black skinned people have a process of recovery which is less obvious than with other people.


We can treat your unsightly scars thanks to silicone plasters, silicone ointments, cortisone injections, chemical peels and dermabrasion (planing of the skin), tatoos or laser therapy.

If these methods are not sufficient, plastic surgery can bring you a solution thanks to techniques that are called ‘’W-plasty, Z-plasty”, tissue expansion and the excision of the scar.

Your plastic surgeon will help you choose the method that suits you best.

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