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Chin correction

The chin and the nose for the most part determine the profile of the face. If the chin and the neck almost merge, a chin implant can visibly improve your profile. The chin will then gain more projection and the jaw line will be better emphasised. This operation will adapt to the size as well the form of the chin.

There is a possibility to have this procedure combined with some liposculpture to the neck, with a view to adding more definition between the chin and the neck.

The plastic surgeon makes a decision about this operation in accordance with the patient at the same time taking into account the harmony between the face and the body.


The surgeon bases himself on photos taken at the time of the consultation in order to accomodate your request.
Most of the time, the surgeon will place the implant going via the mouth. He can also take recourse by using an injection of one’s own fat tissue, or lipofilling.


There is no scarring because the implant is inserted via the mouth. The internal stitches are dissolvable.


Most of the time a local anesthetic is sufficient but for more nervous patients we can administer medication aimed at calming them down in the short term. This anesthetic is measured out in different gradations until the patient is asleep.


The surgeon carries out the operations in conditions of optimal security, surrounded by a professional team.

Even though the chin correction is generally carried out under local anesthetic, you are constantly monitored by the anesthetist (automatic and repetitive measures of the blood pressure, constant measuring of the oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram). One or 2 highly qualified nurses will equally supervise. This environment will guarantee that you have faultless safety.

The local anaesthetic allows not only an operation without pain but also a minimal risk of blood loss and of the appearance of bruises.

If you are taking coagulant drugs, please inform your plastic surgeon of this first (for ex. acétylsalic acid, aspirin, asaflow, cardioaspirin, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan and others).

After the operation, you are able to contact your plastic surgeon at all times on his personal mobile number, if you have the slightest question.


It is possible that following the operation, your chin will be slightly swollen or bruised. These symptoms will disappear after some days. This operation is almost without pain.

Due to the fact that this operation is performed via the mouth, you do not have to wear a bandage. You are able to resume professional activities immediately.

For your comfort we advice you to eat liquidised foods for the first few days. It is equally preferable for the first week to take a mouth wash using isobetadine.

Risks and eventual complications

If you are in good health, do not worry as there is no risk linked to this operation. By combining taking antibiotics and a mouth wash, you will avoid all risk of infection.

Your plastic surgeon aims to achieve perfect harmony within your face.

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