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Chemical peeling (Glycolic acid, TCA)

Ageing, linked with the reduction of collagen fibres with age and the elasticity of the micro circulation, the skin will show evidence of these cutaneous alterations.

Exposure to the sun, ultraviolet lights and smoking can accelerate the process.
Fine lines first appear around the eyes and the mouth, next on the cheeks and the forehead.

The fine lines can also be treated by a chemical peel. This technique provokes a slight burning sensation which is due to the application of glycolic acid. The dermis peels and new skin appears. The peeling stimulates the cellular activity in order to increase the elasticity of the tissue, reducing pigmentation marks, refining the texture of the skin, to smooth out wrinkles and lines.

This technique has proven to be very effective for toning out acne scarring and getting rid of blackheads. For the treatment of pigmentation marks this method can equally give very good results.

Peeling with glycolic acid


Before your receive glycolic acid treatment your skin must be well prepared. About three weeks before the surgery the surgeon will prescribe for you a treatment of glycolic acid to optimise the effects of the peeling whilst avoiding redness and shedding of the skin. Care creams for home use that have to be applied morning and night and a sun protection for two months will be offered to you. The number of peelings will depend on the condition of your skin.

A treatment will be applied at a rate of 4-6 sessions with a gap of one week.
It is very important to apply these skincare creams during the period of care at home.

Possible side effects

Our practitioners only work with glycolic acids partially diluted (40 à 70%) this decreases the risks or irritated skin. The Lunch Peel is a gentle peel that has been well researched because it does not mean that you have to withdraw from social life nor a long absence in order to do it. After the treatment you are able to re-apply your makeup. You must rule out sun bed sessions for some weeks.

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